DPF Cleaning Blackpool provide an unrivaled service of being able to clean even the most blocked DPFs. All cleans come with a 12 month warranty and your DPF will come back to you as good as new!

Using the State of the art MACHINE we provide the best and fastest DPF cleaning in the North West.

Come and give us a try!

DPF Cleaning Blackpool

  • Cost effective solution – Correct cleaning will ensure maintenance of your DPF along with maximum functionality and long term will prevent the expense of a full replacement and any additional damage to your vehicle engine.
  • Removal of PM10 residuals – Complete removal through effective cleaning to ensure 100% compliance with Euro 6 regulations and ensure correct emissions levels restored.
  • Certified work – Our fully qualified team at fylde auotcare will ensure peace of mind that the job is completed with 100% accuracy and efficiency avoiding any further costs.
  • 98% Original condition restored – The use of the DPF Machine ensures up to 98% recovery of the DPF along with removal of oil though use of a certified water based cleaning system.
  • Environmentally friendly -The effective and certified cleaning and maintenance of your DPF will ensure that your vehicle is fully compliant with emissions regulations and is not harmful to the environment.
  • Guaranteed Service – Our 1 year warranty allows you to have full peace of mind and assurance in every part of the service that we offer.
  • If your Diesel Particulate Filter (Particle Filter) light is on your dashboard and you are in need of dpf cleaning, blackpool or nearby then give us a try.